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  • Project Brief of Asia’s Largest Optical Telescope

    Asia’s largest Optical Telescope was remotely activated by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Belgian Prime Minister in Belgium on 30 th March’2016, in Brussels. This Telescope is located at Devasthal near Nainital, India.

    The Telescope is a joint Indo-Belgian Project executed by ARIES (Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, India) & MOS, Belgium.

    Precision Precast Solutions (PPS)has been the Primary Designer & Project Manager for the Telescope Enclosure Building as well as the Rotating Domeabove.

    The Enclosure building for the Telescope is around 10 story (100 ft) tall and is built completely in Steel and consists of a huge 50 ft diameter and five story high cylindrical rotating Dome.

    On this rotating Dome, is installed a 16 ft wide and 45 ft high sliding door through which the optical telescope is operated for astronomical observations.

    Devasthal is located on a Himalayan peak at 8000 ftfrom sea level and is at a very remote location. The 150 ton Telescope, divided into number of pieces required high capacity cranes for its installation in the building. It was impossible to transport high capacity truck mounted cranes or installing a tower crane due to the limitations in bridge capacities on the way and space availability at site. Under these severe conditions, installation of Telescope was a great challenge. This challenge was accepted by PPS Engineers and they successfully designed the Dome in such a way that the telescope erection could be done by the cranes provided inside the Dome.

    Even the micro vibrations from the building affect the observations of the Telescope. Taking into consideration this aspect, foundation of this Telescope has been designed with modern techniques. Similarly in order to avoid effect of high speed wind on the quality of observation, a  Wind Screen has been installed on the Dome for the first time.

    PPS, Pune has equipped the Telescope Project with several innovative engineering solutions & executed it to fit the stringent requirements of the World’s leading Scientists from ARIES & other organizations.

    Following is the link related to the inauguration of this project:

  • Foundation Day 2017

    Foundation Day 2017 was celebrated with fun and frolic on 8th July, 2017.