MEP Services

  • HVAC
  • Electricals
  • Building management systems & low voltage systems
  • Fire fighting and Public Health Services


Air Conditioning Heating, Indoor Air Quality Management, Pressurization & Smoke Extraction, Mechanical Ventilation Industrial Ventilation, Central Evaporation Pressurization & Smoke Ex-traction, Mechanical Ventilation Industrial Ventilation, Central Evaporation Cooling Integrated Building Management System, Refrigeration System for Clean Room Applications like Comput-er Cold Storage / Deep Freezer Rooms, Process Application and OT through our associates.


Planning, Design and Construction Supervision of Electrical, Low Power Installation and Archi-tectural Lighting Design in accordance with National and International Standards through our associates.


Plumbing system comprising of water supply source, storage, treatment and distribution. Sew-erage - soil, waste and vent, sewage pumping, sewage disposal. Storm water - rainwater pip-ing, Hot water generation and distribution system, fire protection services. Fire protection system - wet risers, automatic sprinklers, hand appliances, automatic gas flooding system and passive fire protection through our associates.