We appreciate your steadfast teamwork and diligent efforts to help make this past year a great
success for us. May our relationship continue to grow and be strengthened over the coming year.
You have gotten off to a faster start than I expected!
We were very pleased with the thoroughness with which you did these drawings.
Greg Surmi, Clark Pacific

Please let me know if the work load is getting too large. But on the other hand, we are very pleased with PPS work, and we want to add to it with the projects listed above.

Chris Kercsmar, P.E.

Thanks for your quick work on both this job and the Lowes Reynelodsburg. On both of these jobs it was very beneficial to have them done so quickly.Curtis Challberg, Fabcon Inc.

I have just got inputs/comments from our Belgian and other collaborators. They are happy with the proposal (concept design report) for ILMT......Dr. Anil Pande, Project Director, ILMT (International Liquid Mirror Telescope)